With the rapid lifestyle changes brought about by Covid-19, many of us are reevaluating our way of life. Mountain cabins initially purchased as an escape for ski weekends are being redesigned as permanent homes due to more people working remotely and with the desire to be away from crowds.

The 600 square feet of rustic charm that may have been manageable for a weekend however, requires some major renovations for the house to function as a primary residence. Increasing comfort and enjoyment of the home, as well as updating the style and increasing efficiency and functionality, are all major reasons for these renovations.

There may  be a number of challenges  to transforming the outdated cabin into the mountain modern home for your future:

  1. Building envelope,  the defined portion of a lot where building construction will be permitted, as well as density limits may restrict the size of the addition.
  2. Wetlands may restrict the location of any addition.
  3. Septic systems and wells that were designed for small cabins will need increasing and possibly relocating.
  4. Older homes will need to be brought up to current building codes.

1. Facelifts

Solutions can include simple updates like cosmetic exterior updates to completely transform the home.

Without adding a single square foot this tired home came alive with a complete facelift: siding, trim, doors, energy efficient windows and an attractive color scheme.

Harris Street Custom Home Remodel Breckenridge

2. Frontal Additions

Increasing square footage on difficult sites can require a more creative approach. A full frontal addition and remodel of this bland, 1980s house added just over 500 square feet of living space in addition to the 2 car garage. Rustic materials like recycled barnwood, native rock and steel beams used along with modern windows resulted in a dramatic transformation to a mountain modern home.

3. Basement Additions

Basement additions are another way of adding space, especially underneath historic buildings where above ground additions are not permitted. For the renovation of Fatty’s in 2002 we added not just one but two stories below ground.

4. Complete Transformations

This addition remodel in Breckenridge transformed a 1960s ski patrol cabin into a 3,000 square foot full-time residence.

5. Commercial Transformations

Historic cabins in the downtown area are also prime for conversions into commercial spaces. What was once a dark burro shed is now unrecognizable as a bright and welcoming Churreria.

Mimi and Pin

6. Interior Transformations

Interior renovations can also be transformative even without increased square footage.

No additional space could be added to this home due to the size of the lot. Removing walls to create open concept living areas and adding windows for a more functional and inviting living area created the illusion of increased space.  Modern steel beams, fireplace and kitchen with clean simple lines and strong contrasting hues completed the modern modern feel.

The interior transformation was equally stunning in this Keystone home with its new open concept floor plan due to just a 500 square foot addition.

7. Kitchen Transformations

The best upgrade for any home is still remodeling the kitchen. Long considered the heart of the home it is not in danger of losing that reputation with many people shunning dining out along with the increasing popularity of cooking shows and online cooking classes. Opening up closed off kitchens is still the most favored renovation as it improves functionality for everyday living as well as entertaining.

Opening up the kitchen to the living area as well as expanding window walls in this Breckenridge Heights remodel created the illusion of more space even though square footage was not actually added. Wood timbers and ceilings heighten the sense of warmth.

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