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What Does an Architect Do?

Generally speaking, architects are trained and licensed to plan and design buildings and coordinate land planning. At Arapahoe Architects, we do so much more that just make building and floor plans. As each project is initiated, the designs and plans we create serve as the driver of all project elements. On any given assignment, we may work with dozens of affiliated parties ranging from real estate agents and developers to general contractors, engineers, surveyors, energy analysts and interior designers. Check out this page to learn about our areas of expertise. Read our Process page to learn the specific steps we take to make your dream a livable, sustainable reality.

Another value we provide our clients with is our ability to think in 3D. The innovative modeling software we use allows us think in terms of layered, connected systems and interrelationships among form and function which helps you imagine what is possible. 3D Modeling of your project, enables you to see how a structure will meet your lifestyle and future needs while living gracefully within it’s environment.

​Can I afford to work with an architect?

Many people think that working with an architect is a luxury. Yet an architect in any design project can actually save you money. It’s so much easier and makes economic sense to solve building problems during design, rather than during construction. We are trained to evaluate all necessary elements of your project ahead of time, before construction begins.  Building a house is an investment, and you need the best advice in making that investment; that is what we provide.

  • Purposeful Planning: Arapahoe Architects promises to spend the necessary time to really plan and develop your ideas to design a home or building that suits your needs. Our goal is always to give you the information you need to make design decisions for your building plans. From the very start of your project, we’ll work with you to identify lot or building challenges, take into account special features and advise you on ways to address these in the design phase, saving you time and money.
  • Budget Management: Every construction project needs exacting attention to the bottom line. In every one of our projects we focus on creating the best combination of design and construction efficiency to make sure your project comes in on-budget.
  • Energy Savings: We’ll say it again, we are energy saving hawks! Our designs reduce energy use and maintenance costs through passive solar design, quality workmanship and materials, and innovative energy systems.
Why Should I Work with an Architect

Why should I work with an architect?

Involving Arapahoe Architects early in the project development process will improve your understanding of important details and will also help you avoid costly errors. Let us help you manage your project efficiently, and realize your plans in a cost-effective, efficient way.

  • Land Use & Planning: At Arapahoe Architects, we believe a thorough examination of a plot of land to assess its development value, special features and prospective challenges is the game-changer when it comes to landscape preservation, infill development and adaptive re-use. Since we are high-elevation experts, we’ll not only work with you to determine where we can and cannot build based on zoning, setbacks and other rules, but we’ll also advise you on ways to accentuate the building site’s best assets, including snow runoff, maximizing the building envelope and passive solar opportunities.
  • Pre-Offer & Post-Sale Real Estate Consultation: We will accompany you and your real estate agent to determine possible renovations to a property that interests you prior to submitting an offer. We can also consult with you on plans to help you complete a project or advise you on the feasibility and ROI on a project you are considering.  Perhaps you are trying to decide between 2 or 3 lots to purchase, allow us to assist by walking each one with you while discussing the pros and cons of each. All consultations are complimentary.
  • Home Renovations & Energy Efficiency Planning: Ready to save money on your energy bills? Arapahoe Architects will conduct an energy audit on your existing residential or commercial building. This audit enables us to present you with a long-term, multiphase plan to modify your existing structure to better meet your lifestyle needs and future growth, and to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Exceptional Property Conditions: Arapahoe Architects addresses exceptional property conditions and requirements such as historic restorations and severe structural or building, water or weather-related issues.
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