With over 300 days of sunshine Colorado is ideal for solar panels. A small array of just 14 panels is enough to cover the electricity usage for our busy architecture  office – even in the month of March!

Total energy produced by our solar panels


Arapahoe Architects has been incorporating solar into designs and remodels since 2006 with many of these projects hiding in plain sight on rooftops, including this residence on Pine Street as well as Longbranch Condos

Pine Street, Breckenridge


The recently adopted Summit County Sustainable Building Code will require all new residential buildings to meet Zero Energy Ready Home Standards, which includes being solar ready. Our team has been busy researching these new regulations and developing strategies to incorporate these regulations into our designs. We are also cognizant that many of these programs may increase up-front building costs therefore we strive to develop innovative methods to remain within budgetary constraints without sacrificing quality. One way is to take advantage of local incentives such as those offered by High Country Conservation Center, who we work closely with. They are currently offering a limited time discount on new solar installations: https://highcountryconservation.org/climate-change-colorado/solarize-summit-2020/

Another valuable local resource is Innovative Energy, the Breckenridge based, local provider of renewable energy sources who installed our solar panels in 2017. http://www.renewablepower.com/cien

10 facts about solar energy from The Motley Fool: https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/11/26/10-facts-about-solar-energy-that-might-surprise-yo.aspx