Initially built in 1880 the Father Dyer Church has been meeting the needs of residents and visitors alike in its present location since 1977. To meet the ever growing needs the ministry is proposing a 2,728 square foot addition to the existing historic structure, connecting a previous addition over an existing patio and handicapped ramp.

The proposed expansion will offer improved connectivity between the spaces and provide better access to the facilities for those with mobility restrictions by the installation of an inside, ADA compliant elevator removing the outside, oft snow-covered ramp.

The proposed addition will also offer an upgraded kitchen and improved food storage space to meet the increased need in the community.

The food pantry usually serves 450 guests/month however in times of crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic it is serving 725 guests/month with just 2 small storage closets and 2 domestic refrigerators with food bank donations stored on the floor of the fellowship hall.

Community dinners are offered every Sunday for up to 125 people, prepared in a non-industrial kitchen and served in shifts due to limited indoor seating space. Thanksgiving Dinner is served to 350 people. The proposed addition will offer additional seating space as well as the upgraded kitchen to meet this demand.

Dedicated meeting rooms will also serve wide ranging community programs such as youth programs and adult education as well as Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Arapahoe Architects is proud to be a part of this project serving our local community.