Arapahoe Architects & Compass Homes Development received unanimous approval for the Dillon Flats project, from the Dillon Town Council, at their meeting on August 15th.

Dillon Flats Lot 16R

Jack Queen from the Summit Daily reported “The proposed building, known as Dillon Flats, will be the first installment of a larger project consisting of 48 residential units, 12 of which will be reserved for year-round Summit County workers.”

“In approving Dillon Flats, council members argued it would help address the county’s severe housing crunch while jump starting development in downtown Dillon which hasn’t seen a new building in more than 20 years.”

“Jason Dietz, executive director of the Summit Combined Housing Authority, threw his organization’s support behind the development, citing the worst housing crisis in the county’s history. ”

To address the housing crisis, the building has multiple unit sizes ranging  from 1 bedroom, 1 bath up to 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a loft.  Then, to optimize lot coverage,  parking spaces with storage units, are built underground.  Our look compliments the town’s comprehensive plan, which calls for a Mountain Lakestyle identity.  Following those guidelines, we utilized both vertical & horizontal siding, and accents consisting of weathered wood, corrugated metal, stone and board & battens.

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