An addition remodel to one half of a 1970s duplex overlooking the River Golf Course in Keystone transformed the space into a stunning, modern home whose open concept is anchored around the fireplace.
One challenge of this project was to match the roof line and profile of the existing unit.
Within the original footprint of the interior, walls which had previously closed off the the original kitchen and dining room were removed to improve both the flow and functionality of the space allowing the natural light from the new window walls to illuminate the interior.
The kitchen is now a home cook/baker’s dream with ample storage and counter space.
The once closed off dining room is now centered between the kitchen and the fireplace, creating an ideal space for entertaining.
The clean, modern interior comprises metal railings, metal wall panels and a stone & metal two story fireplace.

Recycled barn timbers were utilized throughout for accents, mantels and columns.

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