Avalanche House

Custom Home

Avalanche House

Location: Montezuma, CO
Design Features: Timber frame mortise and tenon joining with wooden pegs for strength


This custom home is affectionately called the “Avalanche House.” Built in an avalanche zone at 11,000 feet – and designed to withstand a powerful avalanche, the homeowner remarked, “I want a house that will last a thousand years.” This home was created to be completely self-sufficient if necessary, or as some refer to it, “off-the-grid.”

The bedroom has a built-in hyperbaric chamber to negate any effects of living and sleeping at high altitude. The use of timber frame mortise and tenon joining is ancient and features the use of wood pegs to attach the frame. This type of framing not only boasts a super solid construction but also gets high marks for insulation and is an environmentally friendly type of construction. The frame was custom cut in Boulder, Co and assembled on-site in Summit County, Co.

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