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Legacy Place

Location: Breckenridge, CO
Project Type: Historical district renovation
Design Goals: Re-purpose historic property for commercial & residential use


Legacy Place was one of the original cabins built in what is now Breckenridge’s historic district. This cluster of buildings was part of a an urban redevelopment project where we transformed 3 historic cabins and sheds into a beautifully developed, mixed use urban infill. The original log cabin was preserved by disassembling it, numbering the logs and re-assembling them to make them compatible with other commercial buildings on the street. The cabins and sheds were renovated, then combined to create 4 new commercial buildings creating single family residences and deed restricted apartments to provide affordable living units for local residents.

Commercial construction and renovation requires detailed understanding of local land use and zoning regulations as well as a solid understanding of a communities design aesthetics and land use planning issues. At Arapahoe Architects we have a vast portfolio of experience including building designs for planned multifamily housing and re-purposed community commercial buildings as well as extensive experience with commercial projects such as retail establishments, HOA renovations and remodels.

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